2018 Schedule Archive

While presentations at Narwhal are off the record, we thought it would be helpful to archive the titles of presentations from past years for posterity and/or bragging rights. Hence, these were the 2018 presentations and events:

  • Monday, August 6
    • 8pm-11pm Pregame Tableflip
      • Members of the Security BSides Proving Ground program (mentors and mentees) who have just attended the Pregame program on Monday: this is your opportunity to relax after you’ve given your practice talk. Come by, have a drink, and listen as experienced speakers—some of them Proving Ground alumni themselves—practice their talks for later in the week. Heckle if you feel the need, but Shmooballs will not be provided.
  • Wednesday, August 8
    • 7:00pm-8:30pm Talks
      • Translation, Please - Aaron Alva
      • Code Switching and Building Bridges - Terra Cooke
      • Manufacturing Relevance - Cheryl Biswas
    • 8:30pm Drinks and Chat
      • Where you can have a drink and chat with interesting people. We’re not renting out the biggest nightclub in Vegas, nor are we cramming 600 people into a hotel room (there are plenty of opportunities for both at other parties).
  • Thursday, August 9
    • 7:00pm-8:30pm Talks
      • Cura Te Ipsum: Professionalizing Infosec, No Really - Tom Millar
      • Stopping Misinformation Attacks - Sara-Jayne Terp
    • 8:30pm Drinks and Chat
  • Friday, August 10
    • 7:00pm-8:30pm Talks
      • Nations and Nationalism and Network Security - Joe Slowik
      • Westphalian Sovereignty is Dead (and Other Lies Clippy Told You) - Mara Tam (One Hour)
    • 8:30pm Drinks and Chat