While presentations at Narwhal are off the record, we thought it would be helpful to archive the titles of presentations from past years for posterity and/or bragging rights. Hence, these were the 2017 presentations and events:

  • Wednesday, July 26
    • 7:00pm Neighbor League Party -
      • If you’re one of the people on this list, you already know it.
  • Thursday, July 27
    • 6pm-8pm BOFish Talks - Four speakers presenting for 15 minutes on a topic they think others need to pay attention to, followed by 15 minutes of questions and discussions. No recording, no quoting speakers/attendees at this event. Speakers:
      • Allan Friedman - The Case for Kumbaya
      • Aaron Alva - So You Want to Market Your Security Product
      • Cat Murdock - [Title not yet submitted]
      • Andrea Matwyshyn - Broken
    • 8pm Drinks and Chat
      • You know, where you can have a drink, and chat with interesting people. We’re not renting out the biggest nightclub in Vegas, nor are we cramming 600 people into a hotel room (there are plenty of opportunities for both at other parties).
  • Friday, July 28
    • 7:00pm Undisclosed event
      • The room is open for others as well for work/chat, but there will be a group using the room at this time for their event.